Malawi Maize Mill

Ann Kilshaw writes –

On January 28th I am holding a Charity Coffee morning for The Malawi Maize Mill.  Please look at the poster and photographs for further details.

The profits from the Mill will go into The John Blyth Malawi Fund the vision being:

“…to provide financial support, on a loan basis, for under-privileged young Malawians, giving them an opportunity to become self-supporting via schooling, vocational training and business initiatives ….”

My late brother-in-law worked as a Land Husbandry Officer in Malawi for many years. A gentle man of many talents and with a huge compassion for his fellow man he changed many people’s lives. One instance being that in his ‘spare time’ he designed and constructed a new road (which can be seen from google earth imagery).

The fund continues to change the lives of his ‘sons and daughters’ in Malawi.

Some of the comments from / about the recipients of this fund:

“Thank God for your timely support. Here I am, cured because of you.”  Cynthia  likens having cancer in Malawi to walking through the Valley of Death. After the operation she had to travel to Tanzania for radiotherapy.

“I am left speechless at what the LORD has done to me through your support.”

3 women in Chibavi  setting up a group sausage-making business were given a deep freeze and money for ingredients. They now have many customers and can send their children to school, feed the families and cover medical expenses.

Funds to MacDonald Simbi helped him through college where he received the highest ever marks in his plumbing exams. He aspires to buy a sewage pump to clear long drop toilets.

Alice Ncgosi, a grandmother, runs an orphanage for the many children whose parents died of Aids. The fund replaced the roof and paid Raphael to fit a solar panel which provided (the only) light and was a power source for the mobile phone.

Raphael did the same for Lusungu a bright student. This enabled him to study at night; work his field in the morning and attend school in the afternoon  –  he could also supply power for all the villages to recharge their phones!

Small amounts of money can have  life-changing, even life-giving effects.


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